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Will is turning 1 yr old...

William's Birth story

Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 1:53pm
As my son is about to turn one year old, I realized I never typed his birth story. is very detailed so if you don't want to know the details, I suggest not to read.
Here it goes:The week before William's birth was somewhat stressful. Mike had to travel to the annual NAB conference in Las Vegas for work, and I was 38 weeks and 4 days. I was so worried I would go into labor while he was gone, and he would miss our son's birth. With the girls, I was induced, and never went into labor on my own, and Maggie was an emergency c-section. I really wanted to attempt a natural birth with William, so Mike and I took Bradley classes during my pregnancy to help prepare us. His boss assured him if I did go into labor, he would put him on the next flight out and send him home. But being baby #4, we did not now how fast things could go.That week, I tried to not to think about it, and I was thankful for each day that got closer to Mike's arrival home. I went to see Dr C on Wed, 4/16, and no change in previous weeks, 70% effaced, very high, fingertip. I was hopeful I could still VBAC, but worried still about a possible repeat c-section. Thursday, April 17th, I treated myself to a prenatal massage, which I think helped things begin to progress. She focused on the areas of my feet, which can help jump start labor. But when nothing happened, I again got discouraged. Mike was coming home Fri nite, so I was ready for labor to start! Then Fri evening, Mike arrived home and I felt so relieved, a sense of peace that I was ready for William to arrive. I spoke to a friend of mine that was practicing with a midwife in town about some herbal things and "other" suggestions to help prepare me for labor. It felt so nice to have Mike at home, and we had a wonderful evening. The older girls were sleeping at The Thompsons house, so it was just us and Maggie that evening. Mike was tired from his trip, and he said, "We don't have anything to do tomorrow huh?" I replied, "No.", but little did I know what William had planned ;) At around 5:45, something woke me up, different from the usual Braxton Hicks and cramping. I remember thinking, is this labor? I got up and went to the sofa to watch my favorite channel, HGTV, and beginning timing what I thought could be contractions. I begin timing and they were 10-13 min apart, very early start of labor. I continued this for an hour, and they were consistent 10 min apart, but very managable. I woke up Mike, and said I think this could be the day. Of course, he was in complete denial since I never experinced labor spontanously before. I took a bath to help relax me, and as I moved around things would pick up, so I felt this was it. I called Wendy and Rachael, my very good friends and doulas to let them know. He fixed me a wonderful breakfast, as Jennifer instructed him to, an omelette and large glass of OJ. I remembered Jen telling me to stay hydrated, so I begin drinking lots of water. I begin calling/texting my friends and family. My mom wasn't sure when to leave since she was a 7 hr drive away. But, I wasn't sure how long I would be in labor, so I told her to wait til things got closer, still in denial that I would have a baby that day.At around 9am, Maggie woke up and my contactions were 7 min apart lasting about 30 sec, still very early labor. Since she was still nursing, I let her nurse thinking this could help speed up labor, and it helped keep the pattern consistent. It was a beautiful spring day, so Mike and I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood with Maggie. My friend Tracy brought me a large Strawberry slush from Sonic, which I devoured. Since Wendy lived down the street, we walked to her house for a potty break. I told Wendy I would keep her posted, but planned on staying home until the contactions picked up. The girls came home around 1pm, I told Greg I was in labor, but not the girls yet. I was sitting on the birth ball when they arrived, and Gabby says, "What are you doing?" I said, "Getting ready to have a baby?" Of course, Gabby and Lauren begin screaming with excitement, and packing their bags. Meanwhile, Maggie is oblivious, and Mike still in denial, with an occasional you ok? He did find me an awesome website to time the contractions, My friend Rachael and I begin IM each other, as she was helping me along in labor, love the new technology, internet Around 2pm, my "friend" training to be a midwife came over and checked me. I was 3-4 cm, very thin, but still high. Yeah...progress!! TMI alert: Shortly after, I lost my mucous plug. I think at that point, Mike finally believed me that we would have a baby soon. I called my parents and told them to hightale it to Huntsville. The girls begin acting as my doulas, massaging my back and such. Around 3pm, the contractions picked up and begin 2-3 min apart lasting 60-90 sec. I told Mike we needed to head to the hospital. Our neighbor, Kathy, took Maggie and we left for the hospital with the older girls. We arrived at the hospital around 4 pm, and shortly after Rachael, Wendy and my friend Katherine arrived. Things begin picking up faster, and getting a little more challenging, but I was still talking through my contractions. Around 4:30 the L&D nurse checked me, and said I was 4 cm so I fgured it would be probably late that night or early am when I would deliver. Baby was still high and she said about 90% effaced. My OB said he had no problem with me being mobile during labor, with occasional monitoring. However, the L&D nurse said no due to me being a VBAC. But, we decided to do what we needed to do during labor, since William's labor strip looked completely normal. Around 5pm, I sat on the birthball, and Wendy and Mike massaged my back during the contractions, things were picking up. I remember going to the bathroom, and then feeling intense contractions, I decided to lay in the bed on my side, because my back was killing me. Katherine was planning on taking Gabby and Lauren to eat dinner, but decided to stay since I was appearing to get very close. Then, all I remember is them sticking me for an IV FOUR TIMES and contrractions were on top of each other. I thought at this point, "What the hell am I doing, get me an epidural!" I begin begging Mike to find an anesthesiologist because I had no clue what the heck was going on, and could not manage the pain. Katherine, Wendy, Rachael and Mike were awesome. They were coaching me the whole way, and telling me how awesome I was doing. Meanwhile, Dr C popped in to say Hi and I was telling him please let me have an epidural. So he thought he should check me, I was complete and William was coming down, I had no clue I was in transition. Dr C explained if I wanted an epidural that was fine, however I would need labs drawn and a liter of IV fluids before I could get it. He said the head was right there, and if he broke my water, I would have a baby. I said, "Let's go!" I asked the older girls to step out because I was scared and did not want to frighten them. I think Dr C came in around 6:15, and with maybe 4-5 pushes, William John Michael was born at 6:28 pm weighing 8#10.5 oz and 21 in long. He was so beautfiul and I remember looking over at Mike, and just crying with joy. We were on cloud nine, our son was born. Rachael quickly got the girls, and they saw him immediately following his birth. Mike was able to cut the cord, and Dr C collected the cord blood to send to ViaCord. It was amazing to see this beautiful little boy and how much he looked like his daddy, and still does. I felt so good after his birth, and was able to get up and around so much easier than the others. It was a day that I will cherish for all of my life.

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Beautiful thoughts on birth... Love and Joy

Photo by Karen B.

Today I heard something that reminded me of the sound of a baby's heart beat and the rhythm of that sound calmed me. It brought to life the excitement of having yet another baby. Bringing another beautiful, unique daughter of God to earth and having my heart expand several more inches with love for a creature that was dear to me the minute I knew she was there!I am more excited and ready as ever! I look forward to being the first to kiss her tiny cheeks, to count her fingers and toes, to hold her against me, to shed the first tear of joy as she is laid on my belly.I look forward to going through this again with the man who is and always will be my best friend. I love watching him tear up as his new baby is lifted up to see and as he holds them all bundled up against his chest looking into their precious little faces. He is a GREAT Dad! I have been blessed to have found such a man!So, the fears and nervousness I had experienced earlier have been replaced with the memory of the love and joy I have gained for each of my beautiful children and the hope and knowledge it will be done again! I love being a mother and never thought I could love this job as much as I do. There is nothing else that is more important or fulfilling as being a mother and wife.
Sharon H April 8, 2009

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Hospital Birth

From: A former client of a large OB clinic practice

Using a doctor was not my first choice overall. I had read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, Misconceptions, and several other books that all confirmed what I wanted originally: to use a midwife. We decided against this option for several reasons: (1) Insurance fully covered a doctor and did not cover a midwife because midwifery is unlicensed in Alabama, (2) My first choice of care providers, The Farm midwives in Tennessee, were two hours away and we didn't have any experience of birth to know if that was a reasonable drive, (3) I thought, and was told by my doctors, that my preference of a natural birth was a realistic option in Huntsville Hospital, our birthplace of preference. I thought that I did everything right to prepare for the kind of birth I wanted - to stand up for myself in case anyone wanted to steer me in another direction. I took a Lamaze class in Nashville (a two-hour drive, but I got lots of information), I kept reading about natural pregnancy and childbirth, and I hired a doula to support me and be my advocate during labor and delivery. The only variable left was what kind of care I was going to get from my physician and the hospital. CfW seemed like a really great practice and I liked that they were located in a building attached to the hospital. I switched to them midway through my pregnancy because I didn't like the service I got from another doctor at another practice: my former doctor was rude, kept looking distracted when I asked questions, disregarded concerns of mine when I brought them up, etc. This didn't happen with most doctors at CfW, but I mistook their better listening skills for being interested in giving me what I wanted from birth. When all was said and done, paying attention to patients' wishes and/or giving truly informed consent was just not practical. They were too busy, too overwhelmed with patients, or too used to routine practices to really concern themselves with what I wanted. When I brought up my birth plan and preferences for birth (written down in the Lamaze class), I was told by my doctor at CfW that almost everything I wanted was ok. I requested having only intermittent monitoring, NOT being induced unless absolutely necessary, moving around during labor, and other naturally-motivated items. I was told to type up the list and show it to all the other doctors I'd see in prenatal rotations before my due date. I did that, and all the other doctors also seemed ok with the list. The exceptions were getting a Strep test (required), getting a Hep lock or IV (I was told a Hep lock was required at a minimum), and a couple other things. I was willing to concede these points for the greater good. Everything was fine until I reached 40 weeks. I was then actively encouraged to set a date for induction. When I tried to delay, I was warned that many more problems occur with a long pregnancy and that continuing the pregnancy would increase risk of the placenta degrading. I was not told the actual risk, just that the risk increased. I sometimes wonder if that doctor even knew the actual risk of the placenta degrading at 40 weeks. Because of a small amount (a couple of drops) of amniotic fluid on a test strip, I was sent to the hospital at 40.5 weeks to have labor induced. Once I got to the hospital, I was told I was NOT leaving until the baby was born. There were no other signs of pending labor and no signs of distress of any sort. My cervix was only minimally dilated and hardly effaced. I seriously thought that my birth plan would help my case once I went to the hospital. Having the birth plan did almost nothing except give the nurses an idea of what I wanted so they could talk me out of it. Because there were no signs of imminent labor, I made the choice to use pitocin to speed up labor since I wasn't leaving otherwise. This was supported by the hospital staff, who started encouraging pitocin and epidural use as soon I was checked in. Handily, this required an IV that was finally put in correctly after four painful attempts. I elected to postpone the epidural, but my mind was changed after the one particularly long and horrible contraction, lasting almost an hour without any relief. The disinterested anesthesiologist kept talking with the nurse about a golf trip as he was putting a needle in my spine. After nearly 20 hours of labor, I was finally ready to push but kept falling asleep as the nurses counted - I was so exhausted. That baby was not ready to be born. There was no reason to induce. Yet there I was. Sure, the outcome was ok but I wouldn't call it a good experience. And having the doctors in a building adjoining the hospital? Did nothing to help me when I needed stitches for minor tearing. The doctor who delivered my daughter had to move on to one of the many other deliveries that Clinic was responsible for that day. I was laying on my back with my feet in stirrups for more than an hour. Almost everyone in the room got to hold my daughter before I did because I could not sit up. In the end, I was just not that important. All of my education and preparation went to waste, and the wonderful doula I hired ended up being nearly powerless to do what she could to help me get the birth I wanted. The pressure from the doctors and hospital staff to do the opposite was just too much for me. What's worse is that I should have known what I would get - standard service from a group that prefers doing things in a routine way. I know several women who wanted just that: routine service including pitocin and epidural as a standard practice. They were happy with what they found at the large OB Clinic Practice. After my daughter's birth, I often wished that I would have either changed my expectations or found a good midwife. The disappointment was just too exhausting.

A former client of a Tennessee Midwife

From: A former client of a Tennessee midwife
Having a midwife birth was everything I expected and more. I knew a lot about midwifery going into my second pregnancy and I knew that the service was going to be much different that what I could expect at a doctor's office. Not better overall maybe, but definitely better for me and what I wanted. I knew it was going to be a great experience when I did the initial interview and ended up talking with the care providers for more than an hour. Time constraints just didn't seem to be the top priority even though one of the apprentice midwives was in labor herself during the interview - she just calmly sat on a birth ball and breathed deeply, concentrating when she needed to. The midwives asked me as many questions as I asked them. They were really interested in what I expected birth to be like, what I wanted, and what I was doing to help make sure I had a successful pregnancy. They answered my questions like a teacher would and sometimes corrected me when what I thought was not really accurate. I learned a lot just on that initial visit. I knew then that I had picked the right place. My prenatal visits went great. The midwives were always quick to explain technical terms and gave really good descriptions of what they saw. The descriptions became better as the baby grew and they could feel its position. I asked many, many questions and always got thorough answers. When I was worried about things, they gave me reliable information and sources that could verify what they said. They encouraged me to read and study. The included my daughter on the visits and didn't really mind when she interrupted. I always felt like I was going to a friend's house. The highlight was the labor and delivery. I went to 42 weeks without a problem and with a doctor's ok that fluid levels were good and the baby was doing fine. At that point I was looking for relief and the midwives helped me responsibly use some natural induction methods. They watched my progress first-hand and took great care of me while we relaxed and waited for active labor to start in its own good time. It did and it went really smoothly. They watched me closely without interfering, helped me when I needed help, and reassured me by telling me what was happening and what I could do that might help. It was the midwife who told me the most encouraging words I have ever heard: "If you think you can't do it anymore, that means you're almost done." She said I was doing great, and she was right. I will always be grateful that I made the choice to use that midwife practice. I spent more money than I would have if I went to a hospital. I drove longer than I would have if I went to the hospital. But there was no way I would have gotten that high-quality and personal care at a hospital. A hospital would help me get a baby born, but the midwives helped me experience the true miracle that childbirth can be.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Miss Anna Grace 3 Sept 2008 - long

Mom - R - called me a while back. She had already talked with my friend C about Doula services, but C didn't think she would be available as she planned to be studying for and taking her MW exam when this mom was due. I had my CAPPA Doula conference to attend in Dallas, and hoped I wouldn't be gone when she actually went into labor and had her baby, but we talked about C being her back up doula, just in case. As time went on C met with her, I sent her birth plan information, and she continued to talk with her OB about the things she wanted for her birth.
R and her husband A knew what they wanted. R is the 2nd of 8 children, all born with midwives out of hospital. She herself was born at the Farm in Summertown, TN. She was at several of her siblings births, and actually helped at two of them. When we talked over birth plan stuff, she had no idea she would be expected to have an IV at a hospital birth. (her whole experience and expectaions of birth were all out of hospital). She dicussed with her OB that she didn't want an IV. Her Dr. wasn't happy with that, and wanted at least a Hep-Lock, but it was possible, depending on how things went.
R - told her Dr's that her mom went past her Expected due date with all 8 of her baby's, closer to 42 weeks with most and 43 weeks with one. She told her Dr's that she was sure her EDD was the 18th of Aug, but the first Dr she went to had put down Aug 11th based on a 28 day cycle, which she has long cycles, and it does make a difference. After she swithcd OB's to a 2nd one who she thought was willing to work with her on a more natural birth, the Dr. still wouldn't change her date to what mom thought was correct, but did 'agree to let mom go to 42 weeks'.
As the time neared, mom discussed things with her OB, and it started to become appearant that the Dr. wasn't as open to what R wanted. At what was really 40 weeks but the Dr. said was 41 weeks, she insisted mom go over to the hospital for a non-stress test. Mom went, and everything was fine, but the Dr. still wanted to talk about induction. Mom agreed to come back a week later for another non-stress test, and in the mean time mom tried a few natural induction methods - castor oil. She got to have the fun of a day of running to the bathroom, but it did nothing to induce labor, as her body was not yet ready to have a baby. (or her baby wasn't quite ready to come).
Mom went in for her regular apt. and the Dr. told her all of the 'risks' she was taking, by not agreeing to induction as she was so far over due already... Mom knew her 'risks', and knew that everything was fine, and did not want an induction. The Dr. pointed out that there were study's to back her up, and mom said she'd like to see the study's she was refering to.
Mom showed up for the next non-stress test. The Nurses at the hospital, on the Dr's orders, had her do several different tests, over a period of about 3 hours. They wouldn't tell her anything, but eventually told her the Dr was coming from home to tell her the results.
All of the tests showed the baby was fine, although, she was told however that when you went past 40 weeks your placenta stopped working and got calcifications, and several other negative things. The Dr. brought several pages of ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists) study's to show the mom to 'back up' her statements that she needed to have this baby right away. Based upon an ultrasound, the Dr. said the baby was going to be huge - over 10 lbs.- and recommended an immediate cesarean section. Mom declined both the cesarean and also an induction. The Dr. made her sign papers that she was going AMA (Against Medical Advice). Meanwhile all of the non stress tests showed the baby to be fine, and was not in distress at all. She left and was certainly feeling a lot of stress personally. She couldn't imagine how her birth would be successful with all the stress that she now felt with her care provider.
She happened to be somewhere public and called C on the phone to tell her how the non-stress test had gone and the resulting conversation and having to sign the AMA. Another sweet person -L- happened to be where this mom was at and overheard part of the conversation, and since pregnant women are her job/life, she couldn't help but feel the need to help her. When she finished the phone conversation, L approached R and started up a conversation. She offered for her to come up to TN for a consultation. (this was on a Friday).
On Tuesday the mother went back to her Dr. for her appointment. Mom had brought back the ACOG statement papers and showed the Dr. where they said that the problems of a mom who goes into labor post dates on her own are no greater than those of a mother who gets induced. The conversation did not go well and eventually the Dr. told her she would like to dismiss her as a patient, but couldn't. (A Dr. cannot fire an expectant mother as a patient, within 30 days of delivery - it would be patient abandonment, and it is illegal.) After the mother left the office she called -L- and asked to come for a visit.
Though her husbands insurance would completely pay for a hospital birth, and he was a bit concerned for his wife -him not having been around Midwifery or home birth, and with this being a first birth, so although she would have liked a midwife assisted birth out of a hospital, she had agreed to go to an OB and have a hosital birth. After planning for a hospital birth and trying to get the best birth experience possible and the most natural birth in a hospital environment, she was frustrated and with all that they had gone through in the past couple of weeks with the medical side of things, he agreed to the consultation visit. After meeting with -L-, they switched. Mom was so relieved to have a different option to be able to try to get the birth she wanted. No mom was not being selfish and only worried aobut her birth experience, she was also concerned for the health of her baby and wanted the best chances for the best outcome, which in her research and study did not include pitocin induction, or a cesarean surgery.

Over labor day weekend mom had several nights of constant contractions that would go away during the day. She had some contractions on labor day and then that night all night long and on Tuesday 2 Sept. the contractions continued, and after her prenatal appointment that afternoon she stayed up in TN and labored away. I arrived early evening, and mom was laboring in the birth tub. She had been about 5 -6 cm before she got in the tub.
Mom would rock back and forth on her hands and knees durring her contractions. She would blow air out witheach contraction (most often buzzing her lips) and often she would put her face slightly into the water and blow bubbles as she labored. She was doing such a great job!
C commented that she labored - blowing bubbles - just like her mom had done. R's mother had, had her last baby 3 years ago with K and C had been there.

R labored in the tub, sitting on the birth stool, sitting on the birth ball, kneeling on the floor next to the bed, laying down, etc. We kept her hydrated with drinks, and she ate lightly, yogurt, and such for nutrition and energy and she had a couple of spoonfuls of honey (that they brought, as dad has bee hives and sells local honey) for a little quick energy. About 6 am we took a walk outside on the front porch and went up and down the steps a few times. It was a good change of pace, and we all got some fresh morning air. We watched the sun rise over a beautiful new day. It was quite pleasant out there.
After many hours R was checked and though she'd made some progress, the cervix was more effaced and moved forward, she was still really only at 6 cm's. Mom was so amazing. She was like the little train who could... Whenever we gave her a suggestion for some sort of move or different position she never told us no, or said she couldn't do it. She would always answer, "I'll try" or, "I guess I can try". She was such a trooper!
After many hours at 6 cm's I can't believe she was not more discouraged. We all knew she had to be exhausted!!! We were and we weren't going through the hard labor like she was, for most of those hours she was having contractions about 4 min's apart.
C and L both checked her to see if they could determine exactly what was going on, and how the baby was positioned. They determined after really feeling the suture lines on the baby's head that she was turned mostly posterior (the back of her head against mom's back, instead of against mom's front side). Because of this the head was not engaging well and not putting the pressure on the cervix like it needed to so it wasn't dilating well. We then went about turning the baby around. We had mom do some knee to chest positions, to see if the baby would float up out her her pelvis a bit and we had her do some lunges with one leg up on a chair and the other foot down on the floor to see if that would help rotate the baby. The other thing we did was a 'trick' with a Rebozo. It is essentially a long rectangle cloth (mexican women use it for many things, a sling, a shawl, etc.) that you place under the woman's hips while she lays on her back. you hold the cloth up (while stradling her), and pull the ends of the rebozo, and litterally rock (very gently) the mom's body, and every so often give a little stronger tug one direction (the direction you want the baby to turn), to get the baby moving. After all of that, the baby finally moved and mom began to make more progress. It was so cool to be a part of something that really was so simple, and yet it made such a difference for the mom and baby.
Once mom began to dilate past 6 things really went well. Mom was quite tired, but did so well. She spent some time back in the tub, and side lying, and eventually when she was checked again, she was at 9 cm with just a lip of cervix left. L came in and had mom try to push past the lip while she held it back out of the way. It took some doing but it worked and when mom started to actually really push for birth, she was having a hard time figuring out how and where exactly to push. It is hard to figure that out, especially at first. I used the rebozo again for another 'trick' and I handed one end to the mom and I held one end. Basically you do 'tug-of-war', where mom pulls on one end and you hold on to the other end. When mom pushes with a contraction, she pulls on the 'rope' and it really helps direct the pushing down in the right place/direction, and get some good effective pushing happening. Mom really liked the rebozo for pushing, it helped a lot!

Finally at 6:33 p.m. on Wed. Sept 3rd, Miss Anna Grace made her appearance! She was 9 lbs even. She was nearly 22 inches long, with a 15 1/4 in chest. She was definitley post term, no vernix anywhere, and her hands and feet were creased deeply/wrinkled/pruny, but wonderfully healthy and oh soooo cute! Mom didn't even have a tear or a skid mark at all and delivered all of that baby over an intact perineum! Awesome. She did so well at listening and breathing and birthing the head slowly, and the midwife L supported the perineum and helped it to not tear. It was a great birth and I'm so thankful to have been able to be a part of it. It was a team effort birth. Mom, Dad, C, L, mom's mother K (grandma to the new baby), and myself. We all worked long and hard for a labor that was over 30 hours. It certainly wasn't easy, but it was beautiful, and amazing. Mom did it, and the baby was awesome! Strong and healthy! Never any stress, no meconium in the fluid before birth. Mom definitely did not need a c-section, and was also glad that she hadn't gotten induced with pitocin that would have forced the baby's head down, with unnaturally hard contractions, into her pelvis at that unnatural position, probably stressed the baby, and if she had not progressed fast enough she would have gotten a c-section for a 'failed' induction.
She was so happy with her birth, and her mom was pleased with all the help that she received to help her to make it through. Dad was quielty supportive and did a lot to hold her up durring her labor. She was truly an inspiration.
Congratulations on a wonderful birth.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Lillian Ruth H. 30 June 2008

Birth Story – June 30, 2008

Lillian Ruth
7 lbs 10 oz
21 in

I met your mom finally after several phone calls and many emails back and forth a few months before your birth. We had a great visit, and were looking forward to your birth.
I got to meet your dad a couple of weeks before you arrived.
Your poor mommy was suffering from a condition called PUPPPs. She was itching like crazy, and agreed to an induction of labor, though she had wanted and prepared and planned for a natural childbirth.
On Monday morning June 30th your mom and dad arrived at the hospital and began the induction of labor. By about 7:30 am the pitocin was hooked up and your mom was doing alright so your daddy called me and said I didn’t need to come yet, as they were doing fine. She was about 3 cm dilated.
At about a quarter to 1 I got a call that the contractions were picking up, and getting more painful, and to head on to the hospital when I could get there. Your mom was dilated about 3-4 cm. About 10 minutes later your mom had your dad call me back and say don’t worry about coming yet, she was managing, and she didn’t want me to just be sitting around all day long. (that’s what I do, but your mom was worried about me and my family. How sweet is that!?)
At 1:20 my phone rang again. Your mom requested that I please come. They were about to break her waters and she was definitely anticipating more pain, and so she wanted me to come to help. (to do my job...)
I happened to be nearby and arrived quite quickly. By 2:00 p.m. your mom was doing great even though the contractions were coming about every 1 ½ minutes. We could barely have a 5 word conversation in between contractions when the next one would hit. By 2:15 the nurse, came in and cut the pitocin back by 10 since they were causing the contractions to come on too strong and fast, and they wanted to space them out a bit.
At 2:30 we got mom out of the bed and sitting up on the exercise ball. This seemed to really help her to deal with the contractions. After about half an hour we got her up to go to the bathroom after unhooking all of the wires and dragging the I.V. pole with her. About 3:30 the nurse checked again and she was dilated to 4-5 cm. Some progress, but I’m sure your mom was feeling a bit frustrated since she had been working so hard for so long, and it seemed that she wasn’t making as much progress as she would have liked.
Your mom really seemed to like sitting on the ball, actually she bounced on the ball and rocked back and forth to help deal with the contractions. During the next while she began vomiting and really hated that, however the nurse and I assured her that it can actually sometimes help you to dilate, and often signal transition. Your mom was beginning to feel like she couldn’t handle things any longer, she had been on pitocin and contracting all day long. I encouraged her to get checked and if she had indeed made progress that might be enough to reassure her and she would be able to go on. At 4:15 the nurse checked her and she was 7 cm. In 45 minutes she had gone 3-4 cm! Great progress! She continued bouncing on the ball during contractions, at 5:05 she had the nurse check her again, to see how close she was, so she could decide if she thought she could continue on or if she felt she couldn’t do the rest without some pain management. She was 8-9 cm, and was talking epidural. Your mom worked really hard for another hour while waiting for the bolus of fluid to run through her i.v. and the anesthesiologist began the epidural at 6 p.m. (still at 8-9 cm) and began the epidural. He finally got the epidural line in, and we waited for your mom to find relief. After several more contractions she was feeling all the pain of the contractions and no help from the epidural. So, he began the process again. He couldn’t find a space between the bones in mom’s back, and had to poke her several times. He tried a spinal to see if he could numb her then try the epidural again, but neither thing worked. He did feel really bad.Eventually after nearly an hour the spinal was finally in place at 6:55 p.m. Her poor back had been poked 6 times at least and would most likely be a cause of bruising and some pain after the birth.
At 7:00 p.m. the nurse checked again and she was 9 cm with mostly just a lip of cervix. 7:05 p.m. There was some difficulty finding the baby’s Heart rate mom sat up and had some oxygen, and they found the heart rate just fine.
At 7:10 another nurse checked to see if she was numb, and she was. Mom’s BP dropped a bit and the baby’s HR dipped a bit. They suspected that perhaps there might be a cord getting pinched or something. 7:20 mom gets more oxygen She really can’t tell if she feels pressure or not. She has no feeling with the spinal. The Nurse checked and she only had a small ring of cervix.
At 7:30 p.m. the nurse comes in and does the ‘wedge’ position. Mom is shaking and dad jokes that she is “shaking with excitement”!
7:50 p.m. an anterior lip of cervix is all that is left and then they ‘re-wedge’ her again.
At 8:10 after 12 hours of labor your dad says to your mom, “ Hasn’t this been fun? It is a Whole NEW experience!” He was so excited as you were about to come into the world!
8:45 p.m your mom began pushing. She felt like she was pushing forever, but you were born at 9:10 pm. You did have the cord wrapped around your shoulder. But it was no problem during your birth at all.

Your dad made a very excited phone call just after you were born. “Hey dad, I mean grandpa! Oh I have the wrong number.” “I forgot it was a 205 area code!” It was quite funny! Your parents sent me out to the waiting room to announce your birth to all the waiting family. It was cute, since there were two families and when I walked in, they wanted to know what baby had been born! I said the “H” family, and the one side of the room stood up and cheered! I told the other family I had heard it would be pretty soon for them as well.

You were 7 lbs 10 oz and 21 inches long. You have a head full of dark hair, and what a cutie!!!

It was really wonderful meeting your parents and getting to attend your birth.


I know it's been awhile since I posted a birth story and I'm several behind... but, I decided to go ahead and write this one, while it was fresh on my mind. I hope to go back and write the one's I missed from the past couple of months, soon.